New product: UAV Charger--Ultra Power UP1200+ Eight Channels 6S LiPo/LiHV Battery Charger With LCD Display
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Compared with UP1200, UP1200+ have a color display screen to clearly show the charging status, the user can well know the charging data, like charging current, battery voltage, battery capacity, battery level, charging time etc.. Also, In addition to connecting 8 batteries, you can also connect a 2S/3S battery to the radio battery connection port.




Product name UAV Charger UP1200+ Eight Channels with display screen
Input voltage AC 110V or 220V
Charge power 1200W(2x600W)
Discharge Power  280W (35Wx8)
Charge current range 5A/10A/15A/20A/25A
Battery type LiPo/LiHV
Battery cell count 2 – 6S
Working mode Charge/Fast Charge/Storage
Balance current 1.5A/cell
Net Weight 4.61KG
Dimensions 270X190X160 mm


Special Features

1.Three working mode: Charge/Fast Charge/Storage mode

2. Support charging 8 pcs of 2-6S LiPo/LiHV batteries and built-in charging nanny, 4 channels per side.
3. Each side works independently, the charger can automatically turn to the next battery pack once fully charged.
4. Support to charge/discharge with 8 battery packs simultaneously under storage mode.
5. With independent radio battery connection port, support to charge 2S/3S radio battery.
(Only one radio battery can be charged one time).
6. Memorizing last charging current.
7. Multiple protection function: over-voltage, over-current, reverse polarity, and over-temperature protection.


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