New product: Ultra Power UP616 400W 16A TFT Pocket Charger Launched
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Ultra Power UP616 400W 16A Intelligent Charger With External Discharge Port

Ultra Power UP616 is a new special charger, compared with traditional charger, it have added a External Discharge Function, so it means you can enjoy a external discharge experience via Ultra Power Discharger UP-D200, the Max. External discharge power is 200W. For the charger itself, you can enjoy a Max power 400W, 16A fast charging process. And it suppports all kinds of batteries, like Lithium batteries (LiPo, LiHV, LiIon, LiFe), NiMh, NiCd, lead acid battery, wildly applied to battery. Besides, the weight and size is very mini, the net weight only 200g, hope you will love it.


 1. Special function: External Discharge Funciton, Via Ultra Power Discharger UP-D200(Max. External discharge power is 200W)

 2. PC link function: you can upgrade the charger via a USB Cable

 3. Double DC input way: A suitable power supply or a battery

 4. Battery internal resistance measurement in balance charging process

 5. real-time display charger charging/discharging staus in TFT HD Screen

 6. TFT screen color changes, show the charger charging/discharging staus